Whites & Woods in the Kitchen

by thewillowfarmhouse 02. December 2017

You know what I love? When you really start to figure out your style and….really knowwwww what you want and what you like. Trends change SO MUCH. I used to find myself flipping through Magazines and loving one page. And then obsessing with the next page. And then the next. But they NEVER looked anything like each other. It always made me feel like I wasn’t even sure what I liked or wanted.

But the older I get…..or maybe it has nothing to do with age and more so that I just finally KNOW my style. And my style doesn’t involve any color. None of any kind. And I’ve finally accepted that it’s OK! I used to pressure myself to try and make it work, because I genuinely do love homes decorated with color….I’ve just accepted that while I love it, it’s still not for me. I also gravitates towards Bohemian. Gosh I love it But, it’s not MY style for MY home at this time.

Ok…I’m getting winded. The point is, this year I decorated for Christmas the way I wanted. Not what the trends dictated. Or what I felt like I should be doing. I just did what I wanted. and I love.

So on to the Kitchen shall we?

Whites & Woods. If I had to sum up my forever style in 2 words, there you have it. I love dirty old Ironstone with an aged cutting board. Or old rolling pins in an off white Crock. That’s my jam.

I added some Magnolia Garland around the window and then random sprigs of greenery on the open shelves! I LOVE cedar at Christmas Time…so that was a must!

For the most part, I changed nothing else. And that’s the other part of my recent revelation. As a Blogger, sometimes I feel the need to completely uproot my entire house and change every nook and cranny for the sake of a post. I’d rather not do that, so I’m not going to. We live in this house….like everyday. So, I want it to look authentic and….well, lived in!


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